Growth in a School Year Like No Other

It’s happening. After spending months trapped with their loving (but admittedly, flawed) parents, the class of 2020 finally has a chance at glorious freedom. They are leaving for college! Well, most of them. And we hope for an entire semester, but we can’t say for sure. At first glance, it appears that some parents didn’t … Continue reading Growth in a School Year Like No Other

What Now?

It’s been two weeks. Two weeks ago, I realized that our flight to Florida was a connecting flight. “Really!” I whined. “I hate connecting flights.” That was Before.  There are defining events in life (marriage, divorce, a hurricane, the birth of a child, a cancer diagnosis, September 11th) that alter our view of life and … Continue reading What Now?

Holiday Traditions: Creating Magic or Havoc?

What is one of your favorite Christmas moments? When I was 11 years old or so, my mother assigned to my younger sister and me an amazing task. It was Christmas Eve and my Grandmother was coming to visit. She lived a half-block away, at my cousin’s house, and needed help carrying her gifts back … Continue reading Holiday Traditions: Creating Magic or Havoc?