Holiday Traditions: Creating Magic or Havoc?

What is one of your favorite Christmas moments? When I was 11 years old or so, my mother assigned to my younger sister and me an amazing task. It was Christmas Eve and my Grandmother was coming to visit. She lived a half-block away, at my cousin’s house, and needed help carrying her gifts back … Continue reading Holiday Traditions: Creating Magic or Havoc?

Mr. Rogers x 2 = Double the Compassion

Everyone knows Fred Rogers (aka Mr. Rogers) and his gentle, enticing way with people, but it’s mostly those who study psychology and social work who are just as familiar with the wisdom of Carl Rogers (no relation). If you’ve ever been in a counselor’s office and suddenly felt pure joy and the sweet relief of … Continue reading Mr. Rogers x 2 = Double the Compassion


I was never a morning person. In fact, the earlier I am expected to rise, the worse my dread of the morning becomes. The summer of 1982 was especially rough. Having just finished high school, I got a job at a collection agency stuffing envelopes every weekday in downtown Chicago.  This meant that I would … Continue reading RISE AND SHINE