Your kid is not afraid of therapy. Are you?

Adults are a different story. We have issues. We were told that emotional struggles are a sign of weakness. We were told that the mind holds dark, shameful secrets.


The Cloud Game

Jerry Seinfeld made the observation that there really is no such thing as “Fun for the whole family.” Either the kids are having fun, and the parents are miserable, or the parents are having fun, and the kids are miserable.

Feeling embattled? Calling all warriors.

“I hate to turn on the news!”       “It’s all bad.”              “I’m off Facebook” “I can’t watch.” You’ve heard it all, and regardless of your political stance, you agree.  The randomness of the catastrophes, the ugliness of the hate, and the stench of blame are disheartening. Most of us are offended by … Continue reading Feeling embattled? Calling all warriors.