About Jeanne Kett

Jeanne Kett, LCPC

Hello! I spend a lot of my time thinking about our world and wondering how we can best lead and support our young people. I’m a mother, a wife, a concerned community member, sister, aunt, educator, busy friend, fellow life-learner and a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor.

Family, in various loving forms, is the heart of my professional work. Through our family, we derive a sense of self, a place of belonging and a foundation from which to launch. Understanding this beautiful, messy system with its life-affirming joys and its depths of turmoil is one of my missions. Using this knowledge we seek to improve ourselves, and in turn, our children and our world.

With this blog, please linger over these words as long as you’d like. Ponder. Seek. Affirm.

In clarifying your own values about family, community and our world, I hope that you find these reflections helpful.