I'm not a Scrooge. I'm a Mom and I know what's coming: the lists, the time-crunch, the "traditions"......


Your Kid is Not Going to Harvard – and That’s Fine!

Bottom line - your kid is not going to Harvard. Or Yale. Or Princeton. It’s okay. You can face it. Honestly, you’ve probably had a sinking feeling that this may have been the case all along.

Talk is cheap….Listening is harder

  Big talk is fun. It’s fun to spout an opinion, especially when a warm body is in the room. It is particularly convenient if, by virtue of having given birth to this being in the room, he or she is under a certain obligation to present a facade of interest. I don’t know about … Continue reading Talk is cheap….Listening is harder

Talk About Sex? I Don’t Think So

Even though we are immersed in sexual messages, there are few times that we enthusiastically engage in conversations about sex – especially when it comes to our children. I’ll admit, many conversations over the years with my friends, mostly ending in wildly funny anecdotes of the joys of sex and the humility of a failed … Continue reading Talk About Sex? I Don’t Think So