Poems of life and death

In honor of  my father in law Ed T. Kett 1926-2018, I am sharing two poems. One written by him about life. The other I wrote last week in response to his death. I hope  you enjoy our reflections.

Worth Living
What makes living worthwhile for me?
Sounds of a rushing river in spring
The soothing call of a morning dove
Softly falling rain on a window pane
A view of dawn breaking over the Royal Gorge
The picture of snowflakes falling to earth
A new born sparrow learning to fly
Children playing baseball in the park
The feeling of sand between your toes on the beach
A big hug from a love one to start the day off
Satisfaction in earning a good pat on the back
Elation at seeing the birth of your first child
Trust in finding lasting peace in the world
Acts of people helping each other
Memories of good times families together
Images of obtaining the keys to the Kingdom
~Ed Kett
A Boy Named Ed
A Zen Buddhist could learn from this man
The acceptance of God’s merciless plan
He walked through sleet for miles
Hustled jokes to win smiles
In each punny turn, he’d gain a fan
He ordered halibut for the halibut
And still his poems decried, not yet
Flirt with the nurse
Curse the Sox at their worst
But Ed Kett was not without etiquette


Though better for having known him
Here we are alone again
He showed us to accept
And to do our level best
Kindness, when there is nothing to gain


Assess, recount, reconcile, take heed
Love is all you need
Truth without thought
Humility, simplicity, innately taught
To grow, to sow, to harvest indeed
A feast for generations to feed
We linger in thanks, to stave the end
To a father, husband, brother, friend
And thank you for a life well-led
A grandpa, a poet, a boy named Ed
~Jeanne Kett

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